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Our modalities are effective and safe for people of all ages with a variety of conditions, from structural to organic.  

We specialize in the use of new myofascial release techniques and focus on the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles, bones, and organs to relieve pain and restore function. These techniques are the future of physical therapy, and we are early adopters-- on the forefront of this practice.


An important note on our health insurance and Medicare policies.

Insurance is not accepted directly.

Your physical therapy sessions consist of at least 55 minutes of one-on-one care. We will be happy to assist you with the necessary codes/forms for you to submit to your insurance plan. Payment is due at the time of service. Please call your insurance company prior to your first appointment and ask about “out-of-network outpatient physical therapy” benefits. You may also be reimbursed by a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) plan.  Automobile accident insurance is accepted.

Unfortunately at this time, people with Medicare cannot be reimbursed for treatment.  

By not participating with insurance companies, Hummingbird Physical Therapy is able to provide quality one-on-one care without time limits created by insurance carriers or large physical therapy companies. Larger companies often have 20-30 minute time limits on sessions and patients often work with aides or techs for much of a visit. Therefore, you will likely need fewer sessions (up to 60%!) than you would at another physical therapy clinic, which means you may end up saving money by not having to pay so many co-pays. 

Hummingbird Physical Therapy participates in Direct Access, which means that you do not need a prescription from a physician in order to receive physical therapy. Some insurance companies will, however, want a referral or a doctor's prescription for reimbursement. If it is determined that your condition requires a physician’s evaluation, you will be referred immediately.


We're more than happy to talk you through any questions or concerns. 

Call our office at (202) 681-8096 or email us at We'll schedule a quick call to go over our services and address any of your questions or concerns.